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Graham Maby

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Graham Maby

Graham Maby, from Gosport, England, has been playing bass with Joe since the days of Arms & Legs and has since appeared on almost every album and tour.
From 1995 to 1997 Graham was a member of the band They Might Be Giants and toured with them.
In mid 1997 he joined Natalie Merchant's band.

In 2002 Joe Jackson reunited his original band. Since then Graham has played regularly with Joe Jackson.

Year Artist Album or tour Instrument
2015/16 Joe Jackson "Fast Forward" tour bass, vocals
2015 Joe Jackson Fast Forward bass, vocals
2011 Nina Hagen Volksbeat bass
2008 Joe Jackson "Rain" tour bass
2008 Joe Jackson Rain bass
2007 Joe Jackson Tour 2007 bass, backing vocals
2007 Ian Hunter Shrunken Heads bass
2006 Joe Jackson Joe Jackson Trio tour bass, backing vocals
2006 Sally Spring Mockingbird bass
2005 Joan Baez Bowery Songs (live) bass
2005 Regina Spektor Soviet Kitsch bass
2005 Shivaree touring in US and Europe bass
Oct 2004-May 2005 Ian Hunter touring bass
2004 Natalie Merchant Summer tour bass
2004 Joe Jackson Afterlife bass, backing vocals
Sept 2003-July 2007 Joan Baez touring bass
2003 Natalie Merchant The House Carpenter's Daughter bass
2003 Marshall Crenshaw What's In The Bag bass
2003 Fritter Mockery bass
2003 Joe Jackson Volume 4 bass, backing vocals
2002/03 Joe Jackson "Volume 4" tour bass, backing vocals
2001/02 Natalie Merchant "Motherland" tour bass
2001 Natalie Merchant Motherland bass
2001 Freedy Johnston Right Between The Promises bass
2000/01 Joe Jackson "Night And Day II" tour bass, backing vocals
2000 Joe Jackson Night And Day II bass
2000 Dar Williams The Green World bass
2000 They Might Be Giants Working Undercover For The Man (EP) bass on "Rest Awhile"
2000 Joe Jackson Summer In The City bass, backing vocals
1999 They Might Be Giants Live bass on tracks 1,3,4,7,8,9,10,12
1999 They Might Be Giants Long Tall Weekend bass on tracks 1,3,4,7,8,9,10,12
1999 Natalie Merchant Live In Concert bass
1998 They Might Be Giants Severe Tire Damage (live) bass
1998 Natalie Merchant Ophelia bass
1997 Nicky Holland Sense And Sensuality bass on "Nobody's Girl" and "In A Broken Dream"
1997 Freedy Johnston Never Home bass on all tracks
1996 Darden Smith Deep Fantastic Blue bass
1996 They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom bass
1995 various artists A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs Of XTC bass on "Statue Of Liberty"
1995 Rebecca Pidgeon New York Girls' Club bass
1995 David Broza David Broza bass, backing vocals
1994/95 Joe Jackson "Night Music" tour bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
1994 Joe Jackson Night Music bass
1994 various artists Beat The Retreat – The Songs Of Richard Thompson bass and backing vocals on the Graham Parker track
1994 Marshall Crenshaw My Truck Is My Home (live) bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
1994 They Might Be Giants John Henry bass on "No One Knows My Plan" and "A Self Called Nowhere"
1994 They Might Be Giants Back To Skull (EP) bass on "Ondine" and "Mrs. Train"
1993 They Might Be Giants O Tannenbaum (single) bass on "Christmas Cards" (also co-writer of that song)
1993 They Might Be Giants Why Does The Sun Shine (EP) bass
1994 Freedy Johnston This Perfect World bass, acoustic guitar
1994 various artists Carmen Sandiego: Out Of This World bass
1993 David Broza Time Of Trains bass
1993 Darden Smith Little Victories bass
1993 Freedy Johnston Unlucky (EP) bass on "The Lucky One"
1992 Graham Parker and The Small Clubs touring in the US bass
1992 Garland Jeffreys touring in Europe bass
1992 Freedy Johnston Can You Fly bass, guitar, backing vocals; co-producer
1991 Chris Stamey Fireworks bass, guitar, drums
1991 Joe Jackson "Laughter & Lust" tour bass, backing vocals
1991 Joe Jackson Laughter & Lust bass
1990 Silos touring bass?
1989 Marshall Crenshaw Good Evening bass
1987 Chris Stamey Fireworks bass, drums
1989 Joe Jackson "Blaze Of Glory" tour bass
1989 Joe Jackson Blaze Of Glory bass
1988 Joe Jackson Live 1980-86 bass
1987 Henry Lee Summer I've Got Everything bass
1987 Marshall Crenshaw film "Peggy Sue Got Married" playing bass with Marshall Crenshaw's band = high school reunion band in the film
1987 Marshall Crenshaw Good Evening bass
1987 Chris Stamey It's Alright bass
1987 Henry Lee Summer Henry Lee Summer bass
1987 Marshall Crenshaw Mary Jean And 9 Others bass
198? Chacko Chacko bass
1988 Greg Kroll Two Sides bass, vocals
1985 Greg Kroll Wheels Of Desire acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
1984 Joe Jackson "Body And Soul" tour bass, backing vocals, tambourine
1984 Joe Jackson Body And Soul bass, backing vocals
1983 Joe Jackson Mike's Murder bass
1982/83 Joe Jackson "Night And Day" tour bass, backing vocals
1982 Joe Jackson Night And Day bass
1981 Joe Jackson "Jumpin' Jive" tour bass
1981 Joe Jackson Jumpin' Jive bass
1980 Lincoln Thompson and the Rasses Natural Wild bass
1980 Joe Jackson "Beat Crazy" tour bass, backing vocals
1980 Joe Jackson Beat Crazy bass, backing vocals
1979/80 Joe Jackson "I'm The Man" tour bass, backing vocals
1979 Joe Jackson I'm The Man bass, backing vocals
1979 Joe Jackson "Look Sharp" tour bass, backing vocals
1979 Joe Jackson Look Sharp! bass, backing vocals

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