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A list of other web pages that contain material about Joe Jackson.
Note: The highlighted text is linked to the Joe Jackson info. Clicking on a logo, however, takes you to the site's main page.

Many more links can be found throughout the Archive.

Official websites

Joe Jackson's official website

Joe Jackson's official Facebook page


Joe Jackson's official Twitter account

Joe's official MySpace page (no longer active)

Joe Jackson mailing list (Yahoo! Group)

To communicate with other JJ fans you can join the
Joe Jackson Yahoo! Group.
There's also a page in this Archive with more info on this mailing list.

Record labels

Joe's current label:
in North America:
Razor & Tie   ( JJ page )
in Europe + rest of the world (outside North America):
earMusic   ( JJ page )
Joe's former labels:
2003 - 2008: Rykodisc
1997 - 2001: Sony Classical
1990 - 1995: Virgin
1978 - 1989: A&M

Great Big Island

Great Big Island sells Joe Jackson sheet music, MP3s, CDs, DVDs and tour merchandising.

General music websites

All-Music Guide's Joe Jackson entry
Artist direct's entry for Joe Jackson

General encyclopedias

JJ entry in English-language Wikipedia


Lyrics and some other info on JJ can be found on a site entitled
The Man Who Wrote "The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy"

Sheet music and tablatures


Tribute bands


Lyric quote taken from "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

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